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* Our office hours are Monday-Thursday from 3:30-7:30 p.m.

We at Intrigue Athletics, Inc. take pride in providing a safe, healthy, and fun environment for you and your child’s fitness and development. For that reason, we provide below the rules and regulations of our facility.

General Rules & Regulations

  • Please call ahead to set up your free trial class! We want to be sure to put your child in the correct class and make sure the class time is not full so he/she gets plenty of one-on-one attention with one of our amazing instructors!
  • Every student is required to be covered under the Intrigue Athletics insurance policy. In order to be covered by the policy, we require a non-refundable $55 annual registration fee. Our tuition is based off 48 weeks per year, so this covers all gym closings for things such as Spring Break, holidays, snow days, etc.
  • Intrigue is happy to offer one make-up class per month if you have to miss class for vacation, sickness, or any other personal reason. All make-ups must be booked ahead of time through the front desk or over the phone. Intrigue requires a two-week notice to drop from a class.
  • No entry to the floor or any equipment by non-participants will be allowed. A participant is a registered student, parent, or adult enrolled in a class. Anyone waiting for class must remain in the lobby until called out to the floor by an instructor.
  • Loose clothing is not permitted. Preferable attire includes a leotard or tight-fitting t-shirt/tank top and shorts. Long hair must be tied back. Cheer shoes may be worn during tumbling classes but are not required, and all other classes will be done barefoot.
  • No gum is allowed in class and no smoking is permitted on our premises.
  • Remove all jewelry prior to class. We are not responsible for lost or damaged articles.
  • Respectful social behavior is expected of all students. Unacceptable behavior includes cutting in front of others, pushing, hitting, bad language or disrespecting instructors. Participants who are continually disruptive will be asked to leave class.
  • If you need to leave class, you must tell your instructor. This includes getting a drink, going to the bathroom, or if you need to leave class early.If at any time you feel unusual pain or discomfort, it is your responsibility to report this to your instructor immediately.
  • When class is dismissed, no under-age student is permitted to leave the building without a parent, guardian or caretaker. Students waiting to be picked up must wait inside the building, and must stay in the lobby.