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Parent-Tot: Our Parent-Tot program is designed for our aspiring little flippers, introducing them to the gymnastics events and fundamental gymnastics elements. Kids 18 months to 3 years of age are allowed to participate in the wonderful world of Parent-Tot gymnastics in a comfortable and positive environment along with a parent, guardian or caregiver. Along with basic gymnastics skills, our Parent-Tot kids will learn balance, coordination, agility, counting, the alphabet, colors, how to takes turns, and much more, which are all geared toward strengthening their little bodies while having the time of their lives! Theseboys and girls will get the opportunity to jump on our trampolines, climb and swing on the bars, walk on the balance beam, and all kinds of fun! As the parent, you will be out on the floor and involved during the entire class while our amazing Intrigue coaches facilitate all the fun! Our Parent-Tot classes are 45 minutes long.

Preschool Gymnastics: Our Preschool Gymnastics classes are an extension of the Parent-Tot program, apart from these girls and boys being in the class without their parent, guardian or caregiver in the gym. Of course, the viewing area is available for you to watch your child’s class, but parents will not be hands-on involved in the class. Our preschool classes are for kids between the ages 3 and 5, based on the teacher's discretion. These classes focus on the basics of gymnastics, while still incorporating the fun aspect of our sport! Obstacle courses will be used to teach our preschool gymnasts how to perform some basic gymnastics elements while also teaching them how to follow instructions properly. This will ensure that they know how to get around the gym safely! We will utilize all kinds of exciting gym equipment such as the bars, balance beam, different mats to climb and jump on, plus of course the trampoline! Our Preschool classes are 45 minutes long.


Baby Beginner Gymnastics: Our Baby Beginner Gymnastics classes are designed for kids roughly between the ages of 5-6 years old! These classes are a step up from the preschool classes, with less emphasis on an obstacle course and more emphasis on beginning to work harder "big kids" skills (see the sample Beginner Gymnastics elements below), stretches, conditioning, etc. And of course, there's still a ton of FUN involved! Our Baby Beginner Gym classes are 55 minutes in duration.

Beginner Gymnastics: Our Beginner Gymnastics classes are the perfect fit for kids who are interested in getting into the gym and learning the fundamentals of our great sport! All ages and abilities are welcome to schedule a free trial class to see why gymnastics is an exciting way to stay healthy and happy! All our classes are co-ed, but we do have some classes specifically reserved for boys! Gymnastics not only assists athletes in excelling in any other sport, it can be a competitive sport as well. Whether you are interested in keeping your kids healthy during their off-season or interested in your beginner gymnast learning several new skills and getting stronger physically and mentally, our Beginner Gymnastics program is the place for all your child's needs! Focus on strength and flexibility, incorporated with more advanced skills on the gymnastics apparatus will ensure a solid foundation for all athletes to build on. 

Sample Elements Beginner Classes Will Focus On:

1. Strength and Flexibility: Tuck, pike and straddle body positions with the correct form. Right/left/middle splits. Upper/lower back flexibility along with push-ups, hollow body rocks and basic conditioning.

2. Vault: Sprinting drills, springboard technique, and hollow body handstand flat-backs onto proper matting.

3. Bars: Chin-ups, hanging tuck/pike/straddle holds, glide swings, front support, chin-up pull-overs, casts, back hip circles, and more.

4. Beam: Relevé walks forward, backward and sideways, dips, kicks, straight jumps, etc., plus the basics for handstands and forward rolls with a spot.

5. Floor: Forward/backward rolls, handstands, handstand forward rolls, front limbers, handstand snap downs, cartwheels, one-arm cartwheels, round-offs, backbend kick-overs, and more!

6. Trampoline: Straight, tuck, pike, straddle and split jumps, jump full turns, round-offs, seat drops, and more!

Mobility for all of our Recreational Gymnastics classes is decided by our instructors’ recommendations. Your child's teacher will let you and our front desk staff know when it's time for your child to move up to the next level! We always want to ensure your child is in a class that will teach and challenge them, and also not be too overwhelming so they are set up for success! Our Beginner Gymnastics classes are 55 minutes long.


Intermediate Gymnastics: Our Intermediate Gymnastics classes will introduce extensions and progressions of skills that were focused on in our Beginner Gymnastics classes. Strength and flexibility will remain a focus in this class, building on the foundation gained from our Beginner classes. Some common skills required to be an Intermediate Gymnastics class at Intrigue include, but are not limited to: chin-up pull-over by his or herself, back walkover by themself, back handspring by themself (or very close-- per teacher's discretion!), handstands and cartwheels on beam with a small spot. A child's attitude in class and work ethic are also factors in moving them up to an Intermediate class. If you're interested in moving your child up, please be sure to speak with his/her teacher and our front desk staff! Our Intermediate Gymnastics classes are 55 minutes in duration.

Advanced Gymnastics: Our Advanced Gymnastics classes are offered by invitation only and at our instructors’ discretion. If you have a child who might be interested in getting a spot in one of our Advanced Gymnastics classes, please call us today for a tryout and speak with your child's teacher! Kids in our advanced classes will need to have several of the following skills without a spot: chin-up pull over, back hip circle, back handspring, round-off back handspring, front/back walkovers, and aerial. Our Advanced Gymnastics classes are 55 minutes long.

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