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Baby Beginner Gymnastics

Baby Beginner Gymnastics

Our Baby Beginner Gymnastics classes are designed for kids roughly between the ages of 5-6 years old! These classes are a step up from our preschool classes, with less emphasis on an obstacle course and more emphasis on beginning to work harder skills, stretches, conditioning, etc. that our Beginner Gymnastics classes do, but our Baby Beginner classes keep children grouped with other kids their age. And of course, there's still a ton of FUN involved! Our Baby Beginner Gym classes are 55 minutes in duration.

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Beginner Gymnastics

Beginner Gymnastics

Our Beginner Gymnastics classes are the perfect fit for kids who are interested in learning the fundamentals of our great sport! Gymnastics not only assists athletes in excelling in any other sport, it can be a competitive sport as well. All our classes are co-ed, but we do have some classes specifically reserved for boys as well! Mobility for all of our recreational gymnastics classes is decided by our instructors’ recommendations. Your child's teacher will let you and our front desk staff know when it's time for your child to move up to the next level. We always want to ensure your child is in a class that will teach and challenge them, and also not be too overwhelming so they are set up for success with a strong foundation! Our Beginner Gymnastics classes are 55 minutes long.

Intermediate Gymnastics

Intermediate Gymnastics

Our Intermediate Gymnastics classes introduce extensions and progressions of skills that were focused on in our Beginner Gymnastics classes. Strength and flexibility will remain a focus in this class, building on the foundation gained from previous classes. Some common skills required to be an Intermediate Gymnastics class at Intrigue include, but are not limited to: chin-up pull-over without a spot, back walkover by themself, back handspring by themself (or very close-- per teacher's discretion!), handstands and cartwheels on beam with a small spot. A child's attitude in class and work ethic are also factors in moving them up to an Intermediate class. Your child's instructor will let you and the front desk know when it's time to move your child up! Our Intermediate Gymnastics classes are 55 minutes in duration.


Advanced Gymnastics

Our Advanced Gymnastics classes are offered by invitation only and at our instructors’ discretion. Kids in our advanced classes will need to have several of the following skills without a spot: chin-up pull over, back hip circle, back handspring, round-off back handspring, front/back walkovers, and aerial. As with our Intermediate classes, a student's work ethic and attitude in class are also determining factors to be able to move to an Advanced class. Our Advanced Gymnastics classes are 55 minutes long.​

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Team Intrigue

Intrigue's competitive Team Program consists of three separate entities: Compulsory, Xcel and Optional. Any family interested in joining Team Intrigue will need to contact our owner, Ginger, or Coach Doug. Competitive gymnastics involves a large family commitment, as well as a commitment on behalf of any athlete who wishes to be part of our gymnastics team. Space permitting and after consultation, we will set up a trial for your athlete to participate in our team practices to be sure that our program is the right fit for you and your family.

The ultimate goal of Team Intrigue is to develop a sense of team camaraderie, time management skills, determination, and teamwork to achieve goals. With time, effort, dedication and a positive mental attitude, anything is possible. These characteristics will be developed while training all of the Team Intrigue athletes with the utmost safety and regard for their well-being. Please call for further information about becoming a part of Team Intrigue!



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