Beginner Tumbling

Beginner Tumbling

Our Beginner Tumbling classes are offered for kids ages 5 and up who want to learn the fundamentals of tumbling! As with any structure, we believe tumbling is best done when it's built on a strong foundation. We put a high importance on skill integrity at Intrigue and take the time to instill proper basics to make your child's tumbling future more successful-- and safe! Mobility for all of our tumbling classes is decided by our instructors’ recommendations. Your child's teacher will let you and our front desk staff know when it's time for your child to move up to the next level. We always want to ensure your child is in a class that will teach and challenge them, and also not be too overwhelming so they are best set up for success! Our Beginner Tumbling classes are 55 minutes long.


Intermediate Tumbling

Athletes in our Intermediate Tumbling classes must have tumbling experience at Intrigue or be tested by an Intrigue staff member to enter into these classes. Kids need to have their back handspring without a spot or be very close to safely performing a back handspring by themself. We will work round-off back handsprings and back handspring connections in our Intermediate Tumbling classes, along with other skill connections and the beginning progressions for back tucks. Intermediate Tumbling classes last 55 minutes.

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Advanced Tumbling

Athletes in our Advanced Tumbling classes must be able to perform a round-off back handspring series (at least 3) without a spot in order to enter these classes. The focus of our Advanced Tumbling classes is to work up to back tucks, layouts and twisting elements, while maintaining strong tumbling fundamentals. Our Advanced Tumbling classes are 55 minutes long.

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Please note that our weekly class schedule is not posted online. Call or text the front desk for our available days/times!

Be sure to include your first and last name, plus your child's age in your message. A member of our wonderful office staff will call you back as soon as possible!

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